20 years ago (no political correctness under the tree)


Most of us know that close before a new year starts, there is this Christian party called Xmas, and all over the land people talk about peace and harmony, so this time I will have a look in some mags, what I find about this topic.

The One (UK) January 1990

The first two pages are an advertisement for “Operation Thunderbolt” The advertisement tell us:

  • “Blockbuster follow-up to last Christmas’s No.1 Hit .. Operation Wolf ..”
  • Now with twice the action, twice the fun, twice the challenge

Year, a great start. I never understand why war games were marketed as “funny”. Well I’m sure that a lot of pupils who let their parents bought them the games are at the moment in Afghanistan or somewhere else and maybe now they have their fun (I’m cruel, I know) Would be a good idea to send the advertisement guys down there as well I think.

The remarkable reviews this issue were:

  • X-Out

I have to play that game, it has a good reputation.

  • Black Tiger

I bought a copy of the game at the Xzentrix. It looks nice and the controls are also good. A good jump and run game.

  • Chase HQ

I played that a lot in the past, a good racing game I think. The special I remember was the split of the course.

Top 5 Atari ST

  1. Hard Drivin
  2. Powe Drift
  3. Laser Squad
  4. Pro Tennis Tour
  5. Strider

ASM (Germany) December 1989

What a contrast 🙂 On page 2 there are game cards (for what were they good?) And the first one is Rainbow Warrior, a game about Greenpeace. Political correct 🙂

The remarkablest reviews were:

  • Chambers of Shaolin

The first game I remember that use the bottom border. The training session was always more fun than the game itself

  • Shufflepuck Cafe

Still a great game. A unique concept among the ST games. You could say pong on speed. Well air hockey is the right expelantion.

  • Continental Circus

Enjoyed this game a lot in the STOT round last year. A racer with some unique stuff. It’s a tuff game.

  • A picture of everybody’s darling Jeff Minter

He wanted to do a game for the Koenix console. Both never entered the shops. Sad.

  • Rings of Medusa

I never played it, even that I own a original box, but it has a good reputation

  • North & South

A milestone in games history. Ok it’s war so it’s not political correct, but I played it like hell, and who does not remember when he let 3 horsed die in the river because they missed the bridge. Also unforgetable: the traitor 🙂

Top 5 Atari ST:

  1. Kult
  2. Xenon 2
  3. Summer Edition
  4. Super Hang On
  5. Populous

Also interesting, inside the magazine there was a Michael Jackson “Moonwalker” poster, maybe this is valuable these days


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