Editorial #2


The best team is a team where the members often disagree to each other!

That’s my experience after 2 issues of Low Res. All of our team members who join regularly our irc channel [1] know what I mean. We met, discuss and very often we disagree. I think that if you have a look at the topics we disagree on, in the end its most of the time the same question:

Should we only concentrate on atari or should we be open minded for all retro stuff going on.

Being open minded looks always to be the right decision and you could kill any discussion with the argument “you are not open minded enough”. It’s a kind of opportunism, if you have no real arguments on the specific topic.

As an example we had a longer discussion about the subtitle of the magazine:

a web magazine made by Retro computing fans

It was a longer discussion not to have the name of our beloved system in the subtitle, but its was worth to discuss instead of blame everybody else as being not open minded.

This kind of discussing and disagreements aren’t negative, they helped us to keep up a higher level in the mag.

Enjoy issue #2

Finally here we are, live from the Ultimate Meeting (T.U.M.) in Karlsruhe / Germany we are happy (that the release stress is over finally 🙂 to present you issue #2 of our blog mag.

This time CiH, well known article machine of former Atari disks magazines joined our team, so you get some more to read 🙂

Last issue I wrote, that we believe in the idea of a blog mag. But who know if something works before you tried it out. In the end, we all at Low Res are very excited about the reactions on issue #1. We got more feedback we expected. Many thanks to all, who gave us feedback.

Also thanks to Samurai for his cover picture. Thanks a lot mate.


1. #lowres on ircnet


2 Responses to “Editorial #2”

  1. CiH Says:

    I guess I’d better leave something next to the sadly neglected editorial 😉

    It’s great to (finally) see this expanded issue 2. I enjoyed working with the WordPress blog format, (see Cernit Tranfadir for the extra screenshots!) and I’m sure I will be writing for future issues.

    With this, and all the other great releases over the Xmas period, this has been one of the best Atariscene Xmas’s we’ve ever had!

  2. ThorN Says:

    You bloody ulta obtismistic comment let me no chance to disagree 🙂

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