News #2


Atari STE 20 Year Mega Demo

Go to to download the long awaited 20 years mega demo for the Atari STE.

Happy birthday bloody grey beast 🙂

Attackwave (Falcon)

Our team member SSB released a new game for the ATARI ST called Attackwave [1].


There was also already a STOT round [2] where we played Attackwave. SSB sponsored 3 handmade 3.5″ disks with Attackwave a as kind of limited edition of the game for the winners.

Retro Shirts

Some greek based people do a nice Retro Game Shirt Shop at ebay [3] . If your personal favorite game is not covered by the shirt collection, don’t hesitate to request a motive. I for example miss Speedball and Xenon II.

Retro paper toys

Simon Phipps released Rick Dangerous & Switchblade paper toys [4].

Vintage Computer Calendar updates

MugUK (Mike) has joined the Vintage Computer Calendar [5] team. Mug will maintain the UK based retro meetings. Because there are a lot, it’s good to have him in the team.

The calendar is now also connected at:

  • Atari Shop NL [6]
  • Computer Party Maniacs group at Facebook

Castle crisis competition at the Homecon IV

At the forth issue of the Homecon [7] meeting Wizard/WGL organized a Castle crisis [8] competition played on a Atari XL.

The next issue of the Homecon is soon (23th of January). There it is planed to play Blip [9] on a Atari XL.

Kick Off WC 2009

A lot could be written about the Kick Off WC 2009 [10] in Voitsberg / Austria, but you could simply watch this nice video

Gianni T. once again won the title, even that the final against Sypros P. was very close. The chances are good that the next WC will be in Düsseldorf / Germany.


As you could read in the e-jagfest article in this issue, there were some great competitions. Here a video of the European Checkered Flag Championship

Scandinavian Kick Off Championship

The Scandinavian Kick Off Championship [11] took place in Lund near Malmö in the south of Sweden. The trainings were held in Copenhagen / Denmark, so it was a kind of multinational event.

Beside the training and the tournament, there was also a fine evening meal in Malmö where the WC qualification game Denmark – Sweden (1-0) was broadcasted.

STOT season #3 started

The STOT started season #3. First game was Paradroid 90. This season all games were elected before the season started. Have a look at the season plan [12].

In Melbourne at the Mace (Melbourne Atari Computer Enthusiasts) meetings, they now regulary take part in the competitions, which is a great motivation.

With the beginning of season #3 there is a partnership with Atarimania, so that the players get some more information’s about the actual game and if possible a download offer.

Abbuc Bundesliga season #7 started

Bunsen / Reno^WGL reported:
With River Raid we played a true classic (fist game ever on the German index for games that glorifying violence 🙂 as the first game of season #7 of the Abbuc Bundesliga. To short the game a little bit, we started at bridge 50.

The winner [13] was Yellow man. 2nd was Dietrich the Champion of the last season.

Bavarian Kick Off Championship

At the Xzentrix we had our traditional Bavarian Kick Off Championship [14]. This time we managed to get more players to take part than last year and we had a new champion: Frank F.

Frank and Thorsten playing Kick Off 2 during Xzentrix 2009

Frank F. and Thorsten B. playing Kick Off 2 during Xzentrix 2009


1. Download Attackwave
2. Attackwave STOT round thread
3. Retro Shirt shop
4. Simon Phipps paper toys
5. Vintage Computer calendar
6. Atari Shop NL
7. HomeCon website
8. Castle crisis at Atarimania
9. Blip at Atarimania
10. Kick Off WC 2009 stats
11. Scandinavian Kick Off Championship thread at KO-Gathering
12. STOT season plan
13. Abbuc Bundesliga season #7 round:1 results
14. Kick Off Bavarian Championship thread at KO-Gathering


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