Editorial #3


I remember back the time in 2006 when I visited my first PC party. It was the Demozone 2006 in the Netherlands. I knew that the time of the homemade seperation of the Atariscene was at it’s end, and so I was looking forward for new impressions.

The welcome in the themself called “scene” was warm and people showed some interest in the Atari.

Many Atarians then traveled to PC parties and more and more PC sceners traveled to the outline. They even bought shirts with Atari signs.

In the demos itself you saw more and more greetings of none Atari groups and some Atari groups were also greeted in non Atari demos.

A peak in this process now happened at this year outline party.

Countless Atari signs in a Amiga demo!!!

In Monaco by Desire

A great moment to saw that live. And a great sign that respect is the key to be on good terms.


  1. In Monaco demo at pouet

One Response to “Editorial #3”

  1. CiH Says:

    I saw that nice demo at Outline and was impressed by the spirit behind it. Falcon port please 😉

    On a slightly more serious note, it might be a good idea to ask more questions about the progression of inter-scene co-operation between the Atari demoscene and the rest, where the successes have been, and what can still be done to develop things further.

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