GEMworld. Alive and kicking. An overview on what’s new


GEM world news.

Apparently quite a few Atari users are fond of GEM and its apps. Otherwise why would there be so many new releases? LowRes will try to test that hypothesis with an overview of what’s new in the GEM and general non Game/Demo software for our favourite platform. Forgive the mistakes in the chronological order and what I may forget. I just got the idea and it’s late March already.

So, what’s new since our last release?

GemPlay 1.95

SWE released a new version of this excellent player of SNDH, mod, AM, ACE, Graumf tracker etc music files. This release [1] futures some bugfixes, FlexTracker support (minus the dsp effects) and a database. This player is mostly for the falcon but ST users can use it to play SNDH tunes.


Rajah Lone released a bugfix for KKCmd [2] his Total Commander clone for the ST. The fixes are primarily towards the ST and MSA disk images handling as well as the slider bar.

Zweather 1.2

This is mainly a bugfix which means that weather data can again be taken from . Zweather [3] is a small utility to display weather forecasts for any region.

AHCC v3.b8

A Home Cooked C Compiler [4] is a Pure C compatible compiler that is constantly updated by Henk Robbers. The newest feature is experimental Coldfire V4e support which means that old Pure C projects will be able to be ported natively to the FireBee once that is released. I don’t know much about C compilers and IDE’s but this one seems pretty well made.

GemDict 0.1

Gemdict [5] by JFL is a GEM client for the Dict protocol which allows the online search of word definitions. It requires MintNET, NVDI and AES 4.1.


MyMail [6] reached version 1.94 last february. Erik Hall added support for UTF-8 encodings among other things. I still miss TLS support though. Otherwise MyMail seems  excellent.

Conholio 0.5b

This [7] is a Linux type console by PeP for MiNT systems and on its road to become a TOSWin replacement. It’s faster than TOSWin, supports fullscreen, VT102 emulation and also multiple fonts.

Qucik Extract v0.4

Quick extract [8] by ChrisTOS (that’s me) is a small program that allows users, once installed at the desktop, to quickly extract archive files to either the current folder or to a new one with the filename as folder name.


It’s [9]  an interesting program aimed at falcons. Are you bored at looking at those boot messages? Well now you don’t have to and you can instead look at your favourite picture. Download and enjoy. From ggn.

Mass storage solution

David Galvez has been working on a mass storage application [10] for the Ethernat. So far it supports FAT16 devices and is very slow. Hopefully since Ethernat and Netusbee share the same USB controller owners of that hardware will be benefited as well.


  1. GemPlay
  2. KKCmd
  3. ZWeather
  4. AHCC
  5. GEMDict
  6. MyMail
  7. Conholio
  8. Quick Extract file Projekt infos
  9. Kabooter
  10. David Galvez mass storage project

One Response to “GEMworld. Alive and kicking. An overview on what’s new”

  1. MrHabaki Says:

    Yeah, I like all of those programs! What I appreciate very much is that Erik Häll does that great work with his mymail and continues supporting that nice program! Also that Zorro has returned to Atari coding (and is currently working on a desktop) looks like a really good sign for our community! Kabooter is definately nice for people (like me) who don’t want to read boot messages 😉 Quick Extract is very nice, too -> It makes extracting very easy (without the need to install an application for every filetype), so thank you christos for that! And David really did a good job with his mass storage driver! I succesfully could use a 2 GB Stick with my Falcon/ethernat. That’s pretty cool… sure it is still slow, but exchanging text files with the pc now has become very easy!

    Excellent! All keep up the good work!

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