News #3


A bunch of new Jaguar games

Reboot released Superfly DX [1]. Superfly was created by the Reservoir Gods for the Atari ST and Falcon some years ago. It’s a one button game, you fly a submarine through a tunnel and you have to avoid to hit the top or the bottom of the tunnel. Pressing the button letting your submarine rise and not pressing the bottom let it sink. That’s it. The Jaguar version is a complete rewrite and it has great graphics and a lot of modes.

At the outline there was also a preview [2] of Ladybugged by Jagware. A clone of Lady bug from the VCS (wasn’t that a clone of the Coleco version?). The game is once again very professional with great graphics and  good sound, so we could look forward for the final version.

Outline Demoparty Press Release

Release Date: May 3, 2010
For immediate release

The Outline Demoparty Board monday announced the execution of a consent Cease and Desist Order by and among Digitale Kultur e.V., Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, a registered digital arts society, and Evoke Demoparty, Köln-Kalk, Nordrhein-Westfalen, a non-registered demoparty event.

A copy of the Order [3] is attached.

Bubble+ clone for the iPhone.
In the STOT round 12 of the actual 3rd season, we played Bubble+. It’s a Atari ST gem back from the good old days. We get a trackback from another blog to an interesting article about a mobile game called Ozone [4]. This is a Bubble+ (or Bubble Ghost as it was called originaly) for the iPhone. Great to see, that people not only remember the blockbuster, but also the great ones.

Xenon II T-Shirt
Some time ago I requested a Xennon II Megablast shirt. Now it’s available [5]. Thanks to Panayotis. I already wear it at the outline, and it’s great, and many people recognized it.

No Fragements 10 & 11 released by .tSCc.
Always proud to announce another released of a group like no other 🙂 This time, Lotek released 2 new No Fragemens CD’s:

  • Number 10 [6] is filled up with Diskmags.
  • Number 11 [7] contains the (Atari) Party archive 2007 – 2010

Kick Off v.1.0.4
Steve Camber well known for Dogfight on the Atari ST is for shure much better known for patching the Kick Off 2 binary again and again. Now the KOA v1.0.4 [8] is out. And this time with a revolutionary new mode. You could select not only if you want to use PBD (Penalty Box Dribbling), you could also choose Autofix and Trapfix.

  • AutoFix? – Select Yes to disable auto slides and auto headers by your teammates
  • PBD? – Select Yes to enable PBD mode
  • TrapFix? – Select Yes to stop traps turning into slides

Now the gameplay is less hectic and also a little bit different.

Frank F. won the Hessian Champs

Frank was the best player of the greatest tournament [9] in Hessen for years. He won the final against Volker B. 11-2. Beside the final there were a lot of suprises during the tournament and beside Cornelius, who was a bit unlucky that day, everybody got a cup or prize.

Frank got some cups

The Rhein-Main Kick Offer now have their own Miro Video Channel [10]. There you could see famous and not so famous Kick Off heros playing their matches and screaming around.

The Wiesbaden Gaming Lab, the Rhein-Main based retro meeting for real hardware usage and real food ordering, now also has a Miro Video Channel [11]. Really worth to watch because of the funny comments.

Rhein Main Spiele Club
In the Rhein Main area there seems to be more interest in meeting each other. After the highly successful HomeCon, a website [12] called Rhein Main Spiele Club (Rhein Main Gaming Club) is now online. Let’s see if there will be some people who participate. At the last HomeCon some people from the Cologne area said, they are interested also to host a event inspired by the HomeCon. This would be great, to have such events in more metropolitan areas.


  1. Superfly DX video webpage
  2. Laddybugged video
  3. Outline kill the scene 🙂
  4. Ozone
  5. Xenon II T-Shirt
  6. No Fragements Nr.10
  7. No Fragements Nr: 11
  8. Kick Off 2 (Amiga) KOA v1.0.4
  9. Hessian Champs report
  10. RMKO TV Miro channel
  11. WGL Miro channel
  12. Rhein Main Spiele Club webpage

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