Upgrading the Firmware on the GP2X Wiz


For the GP2X Wiz there are the first games available which ship on ND cards. Those are SD Cards with builtin DRM technology. In order to run the software on those ND cards, the Wiz needs a new Firmware which will add support for them. The Firmware version 1.2.1 [1] provides this at the time of this writing.

Upgrading the Firmware is comparatively easy but in order not to make any mistakes, a certain amount of care should be taken.

Important note: If you don’t have a 1.1.0 Firmware on your Wiz, install this before you install the 1.2.1 version. I did not not and ended up with my builtin NAND memory being empty and not accessible anymore.

Installation steps:

  1. Make a backup of the contenst of your builtin NAND memory first (the upgrade overwrites the NAND)
  2. Format a fresh SD Card (best is to use this little tool [2])
  3. Unpack the  Firmware ZIP onto the SD Card (ensure there is nothign else on the card)
  4. Hold the R-Button of the Wiz boot the Wiz with the SD Card inside the slot
  5. The Wiz should now show “Firmware Upgrade…” and start to get working.
  6. Keep the Wiz running for ca. 15 minutes laufen lassen, a red progress bar will be visible.
  7. If all went well, the Wiz will tell you that the upgarde is finished and you may reboot.
  8. Try if the Firmware is working and if the version number is correct (Settings -> Information in the Wiz Menu)

Happy Wizzing!


  1. International Firmware Version 1.2.1 for GP2X Wiz
  2. SD Card format utility

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