Coast II Coast

 ____                _     ___ ___    ____                _
/ ___|___   __ _ ___| |_  |_ _|_ _|  / ___|___   __ _ ___| |_
| |   / _ \ / _` / __| __|  | | | |  | |   / _ \ / _` / __| __|
| |__| (_) | (_| \__ \ |_   | | | |  | |__| (_) | (_| \__ \ |_
\____\___/ \__,_|___/\__| |___|___|  \____\___/ \__,_|___/\__|

–= by Sector One =–

This two handed effort by Zerkman and Dma-Sc was one of the pleasant surprises from the Sillyventure party.

This production is a 4ktro which manages to pack in quite a bit into its limited size. It can run on any ST, but needs at least 2 MB to be able to run.

A long time loading and decrunching is indicated by a progress bar at the beginning. This is not really an issue, as you will see. A tune starts up. A decent soundchip tune. You have to keep reminding yourself that this is “only” a 4k demo. A thought which will come back several times during the course of watching it.

The intro abruptly springs into life with a fractal background, topped with a smoothly rippling dot plasma in the colours of a Polish flag. The other major achievement here is a complete border-kill. That’s right, it’s in fullscreen mode. A major achievement to get this working on different members of the ST family, let alone with only 4k to play with.

Intro with Polish flag

The second part reminds me of a lot of screens that were made in the early nineties when fast fractal drawing was popular. For some reason, Sector One are channelling the Black Monolith Team in a Delta Force demo with this screen. The top and bottom borders are killed here. The screengrab below shows the fractals in mid-change. Fractals shown in this way are very oldschool, some might think a little bit too old, but I daresay there was a lot of work put into a super-optimised fractal engine to fit in the 4ktro, so major kudos and respect to the coders flies from this keyboard.

Fractals caught in mid-swap

We drop back to a repetition of the first part, with one important change. The rippling dots have changed from Polish to French colours. This adds up to an impressive intro, as we keep telling ourselves, this is only a 4k demo.

Outro with French flag

In conclusion, a pocket-sized marvel that could fit into a mouse’s pocket quite easily

CiH, for Low Res Mag, December 2010.

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