Issue 4 Editorial


Phew, issue 4 has been released. Collectors edition. Last issue evah!!!!oneoneone

Nah just kidding. It’s probably not the last issue but it’s most likely the last for a long time. When we started this mag it was with the sincere desire for frequent quality releases regardless of the quantity. Even if it were just 5 articles, we would release. Unfortunately, like most things in life it’s much easier said than done. First of all, real life forces us to change priorities in an unpredictable manner thus pushing back projects like this. Secondly I guess people didn’t really care about Low Res enough to participate, with some notable exceptions of course, and lastly, there isn’t really that much going on for us to report.

So is the ST reaching its final days as a thing that we give a damn about or as a greek amiga user told me, does the ST scene live in the twilight? I’d like to think no. There is a constant development of MiNT, a steady flow of demos, 3 parties planned for 2011 and two hardware projects, the ACP Firebee and the Supervidel actively supported.  Oh and a new Chossneck is planned and at least three Low Res authors will support it, because we might not write for our own mag but we do love a good diskmag anyday!.

In the meantime, on this issue we unveil our new logo that was made by Greyfox who the team would like to thank. Also our cover for this issue was also made by Greyfox.

So enjoy this issue and stay Atari.


2 Responses to “Issue 4 Editorial”

  1. Darren Doyle Says:

    great to see the logo work finally realised, but the top logo, has text obscuring the artwork..maybe it could be removed to show the logo in it full spender 🙂

    great content also..I’m looking forward to reading it..and wish you the best of luck with the mag 😉

    Greyfox™ (Neo-Chroming it since 1985)

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