Issue 4 news

  1. Freemint 1.17.0 and XaAES 0.999 have been released after a lot of work. There is also an ongoing project for a multilingual XaAES and finally a freemint wiki. They are very active at the MiNT front!
  2. There’s  a new version of MyAES released by OL. Looks very good!
  3. Mikro is collecting interest about a new Noise party. It might be that we’ll get along with Sommarhack, Sillyventure, Outline four Atari Demo parties this year (that include 16/32).
  4. The Atari forum is back online after some hosting problems.
  5. Nature have fixed some problems in the Svethlana, ethernet device.
  6. Saulot has ported Grafx2 2.2 to MiNT. Pixel artists go and take a look.
  7. m0n0 has ported netsurf to MiNT. Internet users go and take a look.
  8. Paradize have released a new game. Read all about it in this issue.
  9. Saulot has also started an Atari coding wiki. Anyone with the necessary knowledge don’t hesitate to participate.


  1. Freemint wiki
  6. Grafx2 Atari port
  7. Netsurf Atari port
  9. Bus error wiki

2 Responses to “Issue 4 news”

  1. saulot Says:

    You have forgot to mention about:
    Sqward’s 56001 dsp (cross)compiler ( and new version of gcc 4.5.2 (cross and native builds) (cygwin/linux) and it’s MiKRO native build at Porting software without gcc wouldn’t be that easy :).

    • ChrisTOS Says:

      And I am pretty sure there are a lot more I have forgotten as well. That’s why this is a web mag, so that everyone else can help 🙂

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