Silly Venture 2k10 Invitro


“A return to the magic world of pacman!”

Almost without warning last autumn, a long term Atari scene veteran from parts east, namely Grey of the Mystic Bytes pronounces that there should be another edition of the Sillyventure party in Gdansk, Poland.

The original event at Easter 2000 left a prolonged warm afterglow of affectionate memory. Quite apart from the party itself, there was the extremely evocative road-trip which took place and the post-party hospitality which was greatly enjoyed. We really felt that our stay was over far too quickly.

Unfortunately for now the announcement comes at the wrong time, a little too late for some of us. I’ve already blown my party-going budget for 2010 with three events, two of which required extra payments for hotel accommodation. Additionally, Felice is embarking on a post-Xmas round of travelling, namely a revisit to his honeymoon scene of the crime from 2007 in California, so his options for this one are limited to none as well.

Still, let us tunnel out from this paragraph of regret, as there were a couple of nice little invitro’s released. One for the Atari 800/XL series, and this one for the ST series.

This invitro needs nothing more than a plain ST to run it. It is a fairly short production in the manner of most invitro’s, but manages to pack a fair bit in.

A gorgeous handpainted sixteen colour title screen from Piesiu starts proceedings. This is really a nice piece of work from that rarest of species, the Atari graphist. Best use of the limited colours has been made to depict an evening seaside scene. You can see it here.

The title picture

This is not his only appearance in this intro, I’ll be sure to tell and show you the rest at the appropriate times. Anyway, his presence really adds value to this production.

Time for some code, with a kind of semi-transparent cross-fade or overlaying effect with a smartly recoloured digitized picture fading in and out. This effect is re-used, with variations elsewhere.

Cross fading thing in red..

Piesiu gets a further picture with shades of orange and red heavily emphasized, ‘Firehand’. The screengab below conveys more than mere words can.


More smart retouched work follows soon after another repetition of the cross-fade mentioned earlier. Here this is, just to make sure the viewer is aware of the exact nature of this beast. Klocek is the member who was responsible for the ‘photo-art’ elements of this intro.

A party with a retro theme?

The third stroke of neat work in Piesiu’s mini-gallery is up next. This is ‘Classics’, and correctly points to a retro-party, but misleadingly to a gaming theme. Still, I hope we see much more of this relatively new artist in future productions.

"Classic", but I don't see any classic demos here?

Here is another iteration of the cross-fade overlaying effect I struggled to describe earlier. This one displays on a bigger screen area and features more smart converted photo based work.

Not sure what it is, but it sure looks pretty!

A boost to the coding side of things next, what appears to be graffiti textures scrolling up a concrete wall, and in a sort of 3d-ish manner as well. Taken in conjunction with the tune, which sounds to my ears, a little bit POKEY-ish in places, this intro feels like how the Polish Atari scene might like to do an Atari 8-bit demo on the ST.

"My graffiti is scrolling off up the wall?!"

Winding down to the end, and the makers of this invitro belatedly realise that the ‘invite’ remit of the intro still remains largely unfulfilled. The majority of invitro’s at this point default to a text displayer of varying degrees of dullness, with the entire party information which you’ve generally already read about. Here, they solve the problem with another effect in the top half, a folding torus thing, with some text announcing a date and website URL in the bottom half. Job nicely done!

"My torus is feeling a tad unwell but is putting a brave face on it."

All too soon, its over, with a final screen usefully displaying some creator credits. Namely the concept by Grey, music by Yerzmyey, graphics by Piesiu, with the code by Klocek.

The music is a tingly buzzy lively work from Yerzmyey. There were some concerns about this being a re-used Speccy 128 tune, but I think it fitted the intro perfectly well.

Anyway, a fine invitro for a party which I didn’t get to, but looked like they had a blast, and some nice productions were released.

CiH for Low Res Mag, December 2010.

One Response to “Silly Venture 2k10 Invitro”

  1. Gerry Says:

    The picture which is undertitled “Not sure what it is, but it sure looks pretty!” shows row of ATARI Jaguar game cartridges.

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