Sventure by Paradox


Sometimes known as ‘Pozdrawiena do Gdanska’

The Sillyventure 2010 party produced a number of pleasant surprises. This little intro from Paradox was among them.

‘Sventure’ is a fairly small but nicely executed work. A functional but smart title screen appears, and a pleasant melodic Maxymiser hybrid soundtrack from 505 starts.

The title screen

We are taken through a series of creator credits quickly, without fuss to let the demo get on with stuff quickly. The full version from the info file goes something like this.

Soundtrack:                                   505
Replay and maxYMum support:     gwEm
Graphics:                                       Dan
Graphics support:                          Zweckform
Font:                                              Dan (based on Cosmic Jam demo)
R/G TrueColour Algorithm:           RA (who also coded the converter)
Code:                                             The Paranoid

This next part has a screen capture which is not completely effective in capturing what happened next. A giant star appears, and an Exocet styled rabbit draws in over the top of it. The completely green capture does not show that the rabbit is interlaced (flickering slightly) and displaying a better colour range than just the shades of green you get here.

It's a Wabbit!

From there, we’re onto the main effect of the demo. This has echoes of part of a screen in the 20 Years Atari STE Megademo known as ‘Cubes, Ribbons and 3D Flybys’. We are talking specifically of the Gouraud cubes processing through the screen with a backdrop of Exocet’s bunny.

Attack of the cubes

There are two more variations on this effect to take you to the end of the demo. A nice little ‘extra’ is that the screen sometimes bounces around with a particularly strong drumbeat.

Dutch colours at a Polish party!

The last part has a timeless message which we’re strongly inclined to agree with.

Yes indeed!

Then it is all over rather too quickly. This feels a bit like a partyfiller, but a decent quality one. As a lifesign from Paradox, it is encouraging and we hope to see something more substantial in the future. (Subject to nappy-soiling ‘real life pressures’ on a certain group member perhaps!)

Some might say that there was a certain amount of recycling going on, making this a very ‘ecological’ demo. However, it is giving a second look at a nice effect we enjoyed a lot the first time around in the STe 20th Anniversary demo so I’ve no objection to seeing the goraud cubes again.

CiH, for Low Res Mag, December 2010.

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