Visualize by Checkpoint


A Tale of Twelve Screengrabs.

Checkpoint released a very untypical (for them) production at the recent Sillyventure 2010 party in Gdansk. Rather than opt for the usual approach of Defjam coding the kitchen sink to death and throwing it all into a mega-epic mega-sized megademo, he’s gone for a tightly synched and tightly designed production based around a smallish number of core effects subordinated to the overall style.

He’s also gone for a less colourful grungier style, possibly an Atari take on the controversial ‘marmite-style’ love or hate noise demo often seen on the Peecee. To be fair, there was a favourable effect to noise ratio in here, but there were other visual issues raised in the eyes of some people who cried “Please make the red flashing screen stop!” On the audio front, 505 provides a suitably dirty soundchip track. The demo as a whole only requires a 1 MB bog-standard STFM to run with.

I’ve decided on a slightly different approach to reviewing this one, to avoid a dull and derivative run-through. (“Never stopped you before CiH, why be different now?” – SHUT UP! Damn traitorous voices in my head!)

As the subtitle suggests, I’m going to look at some screengrabs, taken at different points in the demo, with a commentary on each of those.

First bite..

Crazy scroller, runs on bare metal and 68000 code!

We are first exposed to probably the craziest, maddest, twisting and turning sineous scrolltext. With shady blurring, and zooming from the background to the point of popping out of the front of your screen in three dimensions! The static screengrab simply cannot convey how slickly this one flows.

Second chomp..

Solid cube tries to upstage the rest of the screen.

A coarse and chunky background does some shifting around and transforming of its own before the cube joins in. This capture was at the moment when the cube was caught looking its best.

Third taste..

It's a lock, symbolic of something..

A series of single plane images, taken in conjunction with the flashing screen, you felt like yelling “Aciiiied!” like it was 1989 all over again.

Fourth lick..

Contrary to what this image is suggesting, this demo is NOT pants!

Another one in the series described above. I’m not sure of the theme in this case, maybe Defjam felt he needed some safety pants at this point of coding the demo?

Fifth feast..

Plasma raster plasma thing!

It’s a plasma, or rasters, or ermm dammit, I dunno! I’d vote for plasma rasters. This screengrab, like many others, fails to convey the sheer mobility of this effect.

Sixth Swallow..

Seriously, how was this one done?

I found myself staring at the margins of this effect rather than the middle somewhat overmuch. I was screwing my eyes up trying to believe what I was seeing. Is Defjam channelling a Dildo Fatwa screen, but more effectively. Is that really some kind of ascii noise jam he’s just pulled off? It fades, it blurs, it uses parts of the Atari ST character set?!

Seventh gobble..

If you see anything like this coming for you in real life, run!

Okay, I think these are rasters, with noise. It looks like he’s still doing perverted things with the Atari ST character set to get an untuned telly static noise from it? Could you make something like a Peecee textmode demo from the humble ST?

Eighth eating..

An explanation, is needed!

Ah, that explains the ‘why’ part at least. I hope Defjam feels like spilling the beans on the ‘how’ sometime?

Ninth nibble..

Consider yourself greeted!

A welcome return to the wild scroller seen in the first part. These are the greets.This screengrab is a perfect capture of the effect in mid-flight. If you look closely, there appears to be stippling of the lettering of the sort which you might see in a more avant-garde ZX Spectrum production.

Tenth chewing..

Don't go towards the light... Too late!

It’s a coarsely drawn texture tunnel, with light beams forming the ribs or structure of the tunnel. What you don’t get to see unless you run the demo is a camera position that is completely mobile in three dimensions. It is very smooth too.

Eleventh ingestion..

Tunnel wall unity starting to break apart.

At the point where the tunnel structure is starting to change to light-blobs. At this point of the demo it is still indecisive and changing back and forth. “Light-blobs? No, tunnel!”

Twelfth and final course..

A scattering of light to finish with..

A selection of light-blobs after the final transformation from tunnel-based love and mayhem.

And did I mention that this demo loops, so you can leave it on as a shop window displayer. It also comes in a file format which is handy for hard disk fans like myself. Defjam has threatened to make a boot-loading version because he is a fan of that technique and has unlimited access to the pristine condition double-sided floppy disk magic tree. Also that the creator credits are very sparse, just Defjam and 505 were involved in making this one. I don’t think they needed any more people, any graphicians would have felt very sidelined.

Anyway, I’m off for now, still scratching my brain at how Defjam did the textmode part.

I’ve been CiH, it’s been a blast, or a blasphemy, or something else beginning with a ‘B’, goodnight!

CiH, for Low Res Mag, December 2010.

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