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An interview with Rygar about the Lynx and its 20 years.

December 26, 2009

It’s 2009 and 20 years have passed since Atari released the Lynx. To commemorate that event the Lynx community is holding various events, including contests, releases and en masse party participations. None at the Low Res are so much involved in it, we are ST people for the most part, so as usual we go to the experts. All the people we talked to pointed us to Rygar, a French Lynx collector who not only collects but learned how to code the Lynx so as to release a game!

LR: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the Lynx. Was it your first Atari or do you show an interest in all of them?

Rygar: I had my first one Lynx at the age of 14. It was my first portable console. I had waited for him during almost one year and I considered it to be the most beautiful day of my short life! Dices the beginning the games were very hard to find for this console, few stores had it and I sometimes had to make more of 100km to find a game (there was no internet in the time) so that the pleasure to find a game was very big when I reached there, it is at this moment I believe that the passion and the pleasure of the collection began to be born one my heart.

LR: Let’s say the Lynx is in a shop and you are a seller. Sell it to me

Rygar: Lynx is the best portable retro console, the full set is easily accessible for not too expensive step, the available games are often excellent and it is one of the few consoles where those that develop for it currently produce quality games upper to those of old time. Lynx reserves some more surprises and thanks to the new converters which land regularly on the scene the future lets augur only of the voucher!

LR: What are the best 5 games for the Lynx?

Rygar: Lemmings, shadow of the best, stun runner, cristal mine and bill & ted And indeed on alpine games if you also consider the games post-Atari.

LR: What are the newest developments? And is there a way to change the screen since all the Lynxes I can find have a broken one?

Rygar: For the projects in court of development on lynx you can ask Matthasen for the creator of lynxoplly, he teems with idea and it is a brilliant converter. It is unquestionably towards him that it will carry quite the hopes of the players! For my part I would take out probably some small compilations of my various demos but no true game for the moment. Indeed, you can change the screen of lynx, it’s enough to open him and you will see that it is very simple to replace.

LR: You learned how to code the Lynx so as to release a game. How hard was it? And how enjoyable?

Rygar: All that I know about the programming lynx I owe it to Fadest the creator of the Yastuna, he is the type brilliantly bright that taught everything to me he took time to explain me point by point and since the beginning how to make programs for lynx. Then I used small ends of codes found on the clear to progress and finally take out a game. It is an adventure very long and very complicated especially for somebody as me who did not know how to program before. I think for the moment that I am going to put that of quoted and to occupy me a little my family.

LR: What is being done for the 20 years anniversary by the community? And don’t be modest. You are doing something too

Rygar: 20 were celebrated already with dignity with Lynxoply, the flashcard (and my small game) and then he remains zaku who shall have to go out before the end of the year!

LR: Lynx demos. I can only find 3 of them. Don’t Lynx fans like demos? Why aren’t there more?

Rygar: It is a good question;) can be lynx touch you she a public less numerous than of the other console such as the 2600 or jaguar and then there exists much less documentation to learn to develop on lynx that he exists for the other console there, it is doubtless for it that can of people it launches in projects on this console.

LR: Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview!

Rygar: It is one always a pleasure to see people being interested in the lynx! Long live the lynx!


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