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Issue 4 Editorial

February 4, 2011

Phew, issue 4 has been released. Collectors edition. Last issue evah!!!!oneoneone

Nah just kidding. It’s probably not the last issue but it’s most likely the last for a long time. When we started this mag it was with the sincere desire for frequent quality releases regardless of the quantity. Even if it were just 5 articles, we would release. Unfortunately, like most things in life it’s much easier said than done. First of all, real life forces us to change priorities in an unpredictable manner thus pushing back projects like this. Secondly I guess people didn’t really care about Low Res enough to participate, with some notable exceptions of course, and lastly, there isn’t really that much going on for us to report.

So is the ST reaching its final days as a thing that we give a damn about or as a greek amiga user told me, does the ST scene live in the twilight? I’d like to think no. There is a constant development of MiNT, a steady flow of demos, 3 parties planned for 2011 and two hardware projects, the ACP Firebee and the Supervidel actively supported.  Oh and a new Chossneck is planned and at least three Low Res authors will support it, because we might not write for our own mag but we do love a good diskmag anyday!.

In the meantime, on this issue we unveil our new logo that was made by Greyfox who the team would like to thank. Also our cover for this issue was also made by Greyfox.

So enjoy this issue and stay Atari.


Editorial #3

May 15, 2010

I remember back the time in 2006 when I visited my first PC party. It was the Demozone 2006 in the Netherlands. I knew that the time of the homemade seperation of the Atariscene was at it’s end, and so I was looking forward for new impressions.

The welcome in the themself called “scene” was warm and people showed some interest in the Atari.

Many Atarians then traveled to PC parties and more and more PC sceners traveled to the outline. They even bought shirts with Atari signs.

In the demos itself you saw more and more greetings of none Atari groups and some Atari groups were also greeted in non Atari demos.

A peak in this process now happened at this year outline party.

Countless Atari signs in a Amiga demo!!!

In Monaco by Desire

A great moment to saw that live. And a great sign that respect is the key to be on good terms.


  1. In Monaco demo at pouet

Editorial #2

December 28, 2009

The best team is a team where the members often disagree to each other!

That’s my experience after 2 issues of Low Res. All of our team members who join regularly our irc channel [1] know what I mean. We met, discuss and very often we disagree. I think that if you have a look at the topics we disagree on, in the end its most of the time the same question:

Should we only concentrate on atari or should we be open minded for all retro stuff going on.

Being open minded looks always to be the right decision and you could kill any discussion with the argument “you are not open minded enough”. It’s a kind of opportunism, if you have no real arguments on the specific topic.

As an example we had a longer discussion about the subtitle of the magazine:

a web magazine made by Retro computing fans

It was a longer discussion not to have the name of our beloved system in the subtitle, but its was worth to discuss instead of blame everybody else as being not open minded.

This kind of discussing and disagreements aren’t negative, they helped us to keep up a higher level in the mag.

Enjoy issue #2

Finally here we are, live from the Ultimate Meeting (T.U.M.) in Karlsruhe / Germany we are happy (that the release stress is over finally 🙂 to present you issue #2 of our blog mag.

This time CiH, well known article machine of former Atari disks magazines joined our team, so you get some more to read 🙂

Last issue I wrote, that we believe in the idea of a blog mag. But who know if something works before you tried it out. In the end, we all at Low Res are very excited about the reactions on issue #1. We got more feedback we expected. Many thanks to all, who gave us feedback.

Also thanks to Samurai for his cover picture. Thanks a lot mate.


1. #lowres on ircnet


August 30, 2009

Maybe some of our readers will ask themselves the question: “Why the hell these guys do another magazine?”.

The answer? Not that easy I would say. SSB got the idea to do a magazine based on a blog on our way to the Outline party this year. The idea was born in a discussion about what should we do after there will be no Alive diskmag ( any more.

We think that there is enough going on in the retro scene that should be mentioned from an atarian point of view. Also we should look over the edge of our SM124 monitor and write about other stuff that is not Atari related at the first view. Because we know, that everything that is digital is in a relationship to Atari. (We simply believe, that Atari computers are the hubs of the world. 🙂

So basically if something has a connection to Atari computers and systems, it is suited to get dealt with in the magazine.

Also the blog engine offers us the possibility to have a much deeper communication with the readers. Simply leave a comment under each article if you like, that is pretty easy we think and we will appreciate your feedback a lot.

So we hope that you like our little magazine, and if there will be some kind of feedback, we hopefully could realize some of our further ideas.

We will welcome any new authors and articles. Just contact us and we will find a way to make it happen.