How to contribute?

Contributions are always welcome. But you may ask yourself, “How do I contribute to Low Res?”

If you have any good article or  other topic you want to tell about? No problem, as long as it is ATARI related or otherwise interesting for Low Res, we will publish it on your behalf.

E-Mail usE-Mail us

Just email your article to one of the main editors of Low Res:

  • Thorn <thorsten.butschke -at->
  • Christos <ctziotzis -at>
  • Simon Sunnyboy <marndt -at->

If you intend to contribute more than once, we can add you as an editor with direct rights to edit your article online. In this case create an account at and tell us so we can add you.

If you want to chat with us about the project, join IRC and visit us in the channel #lowres on IRCNet.


One Response to “How to contribute?”

  1. cihatari Says:

    Ok, I’ve made it on here, so I will be adding more stuff soon.

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