Random Images – A spamfomercial!


The title picture.

Ok, I’m going to use these hallowed pages, (Hallowing concept (C) Richard Karsmakers 1989-ish,) for some self-promotion of ‘product’.

At least the product in question is new, intended to be Atari related and meant to be enjoyed on any TOS-based computer close to hand.

Whirly shiny bubbles.

Quite simply, if everything has gone to plan for Outline 2010, then the ‘Random Images’ CD-ROM image file [1] will be available for downloading. In nerdy numbers, that means around 500 MB of stuff to play with, including 675 painstakingly converted Targa pictures. Also there are 399 animated GIF’s in the image too. Finally there is a smallish selection of handy tools to view these goodies too.

When I say ‘CD-ROM’, this was the most convenient method of gathering up the collection. It would be easy enough to transfer this to one of the new generation of SD-card based storage devices. Did I say UltraSatan, oops, guess I did!

As to the point of the whole exercise, you might be aware that the STE can fake a lot more colours onscreen than the official and rather measly sixteen that Atari were content with. How about 19200 colours onscreen from 32768 available? Well Photochrome can do it, and here are the pictures to show this to the world! Even the veteran STFM can manage 4096 colours onscreen, which is still pretty damn respectable.

Felice and Earx are coke addicts!

The animated GIF’s are sorted by size category. To be honest if you get anything much bigger than ‘titchy’, then you will start to need more powerful hardware than a base model ST. A Falcon can reach across some of the gap. An accelerated Falcon or emulated super-clone even more so. Again take the time to check these out.

There’s more to say within the collection itself. Each individual image has been catalogued and listed, and there are some nice documentation files to read as well.

So don’t delay, grab today!


  1. Download CiH’s random images CD

3 Responses to “Random Images – A spamfomercial!”

  1. 505 Says:

    no idea, just failed downloading, could you check if that link is valid? Thanks!

  2. CiH Says:

    Hi and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    The ISO is hosted on Marcer’s FTP site. You will need a login and password for this which I do have but I’m not sure if it is okay to give these out generally.

    I think you had better write to Marcer at hmarcer@hotmail.com just to make sure. He’s pretty good with that so I don’t see any issues there ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. CiH Says:

    Okay, I’ve had a bit more time to do a bit more testing, and I can share some new information with you. (So did you really put this collection together without properly testing it on a real Atari CiH?! Well yes I did, Oops, sh*t, the secret’s out!)

    1. The disk is perfectly readable on my ancient ‘test’ Atari compatible, my second Falcon with an old SCSI 2x speed CDR drive attached. Would have been a tad embarrassing if it did not work, eh!

    2. The animated GIF engine in later versions of CAB seem to be pretty compatible with better than 90% of the GIFs and relatively quick, once the slow rendering into the browser itself has been done. Much better than the manky effort in the CAB v1.5 I handed out with the disk. Sorry about that. On the Centurbo 2 Falcon, (50 mhz 030, decent amount of fastRAM) it seems to be able to handle the vast majority of the files on disk fairly decently, even a lot of the large ones. The main issue you may encounter is that some of the very large files might cough on some internal memory limit or other.

    The returns were still respectable when I switched down to a standard 16 mhz mode. There was obviously slower replay and more coughing with memory related stuff too. It seems that if anyone wants to make a quick and useful animated GIF player, they could do no worse than look at the routine in CAB 2.7 to start with.

    3. The zView that was dished out, was v.0.7 which really only works with Mint based systems, sorry! I should have rolled v.0.6 in as well, which is happy with other OS’s, but gives a poorer performance with a lot of the GIF’s due to being an earlier version.

    4. I tested on RGB mode, on an interlaced hi-res truecolor mode on a CRT screen. The Targa images seem to scale up quite well on zView, that may be due to the natural anti-aliasing of ‘flickerlace’ mode helping ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Feel free to share any other insights gained from playing with this disk (embarrassing F*ck-ups!) here.

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